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Watch: Tim Wu debates trustbusting with Tyler Cowan, who just wrote “a love letter” to Big Business

Competition scholar Tim Wu (previously) is one of the most cogent, accessible voices in the antitrust debate; his recent book on the subject is a must-read; this week, he debated George Mason University scholar Tyler Cowan, proprietor of Marginal Revolution and one of the leading voices for the expansion of unfettered, unregulated ...

The best political commentary of the Australian election cycle: “Honest Government Adverts”

Juice Media's Honest Government Adverts are some of the best, most biting political satire being produced today -- they're so good at afflicting the comfortable that Australia basically banned their style of humour -- and now, on the eve of (yet another) critical Australian election, they've produced a "season finale" that recaps ...

The glorious glitch aesthetic of a machine learning system’s attempt to remove cars from a video

Software developer Chris Harris is experimenting with machine learning to remove cars from video footage; while the software isn't quite seamless, the results are pure, glorious glitch aesthetic.

First attempt at removing cars off the roads with neural nets. Will have to dream harder.

— Chris Harris (@otduet)

The Gumbo: Cecil L. Recchia’s incredible New Orleans jazz

French singer Cecil L. Recchia's 2018 album The Gumbo is a tribute to New Orleans jazz; I found it while searching for an online stream of Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing, the track that Tom Waits and the Preservation Hall Band released in 2010 as a limited-edition 78RPM album that came ...

Short videos of skilled and playful workers performing their jobs with acrobatic flair

Kaitlyn Reed created a Twitter thread of videos of (mostly Chinese) workers performing manual tasks with incredible acrobaticism, dexterity and flair; the videos were ganked from Tiktok, the massively popular China-based video platform that is mostly know in the west as a place where tweens make and share elaborately choreographic lipsync videos augmented ...

Strange and lovely music video generated from user-contributed imagery is a music video for Rotterdam artist Jo Goes Hunting in which the hyperdelic landscape in the video is generated by photos contributed by visitors to the site.

"The video is made by Moniker in conjunction with Neuhaus, a temporary academy for more-than-human knowledge at Het Nieuwe Instituut." (via Waxy)

Exclusive: “More Data”: Negativland’s video short about data privacy and surveillance

[I've been in love with Negativland since their legendary copyright battle with U2 and they've been a part of Boing Boing since 2001; it's a pleasure beyond words to be able to debut More Data, their characteristically trenchant video about data privacy and surveillance; see below for notes from Negativland's Mark Hosler. ...

Witness The Epic Drag Race Between The H2 And The LS-218

04.19.2019 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

Supercharger versus electric power. In the realm of superbikes, speed comes in all shape and sizes. While it is virtually impossible to reach the limits of these models built for speed on the road, that’s when hitting the track for a few laps or a few quarter-mile runs come in handy. Two guys got to put ...

A Closer Look At Nikola World 2019: 5 Debuts, Advantages, Challenges

04.19.2019 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

We’ve got all the details from Nikola World 2019, plus some compelling dialogue. As promised, our friend Sean Mitchell over at has completed his exhaustive video about Nikola World 2019. He provides all the details about each of the five new vehicles Nikola shared at the event. In addition, Sean reflects on the company’s ...

2019 Tesla Model X 2019 Long Range Tow Test: Video

04.18.2019 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

Yes, the Tesla Model X can tow, but how much range will you lose? One of the most important questions we get about EVs is, “Can they tow?” Well, yes they can, but whether or not they are rated to tow is another great question. In addition, people want to know how much range is ...