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Frank the Cavoodle does excited ‘zoomies’ in the snow

Zoomies! Because it's snowing!

Frank here is a Cavalier King Charles mixed with Poodle, and he's a cutie.

From ABC Sydney, Australia, “Sarah shared this video of her cavoodle Frank reacting to the surprise snow in Hume, Victoria on Tuesday. It was Frank's first time seeing snow and boy, was he excited! 😂”

Frank's human, Sarah Dekazos, ...

Watch inept boaters catch air and lose passengers at this Boca Raton inlet

Wavy Boats is a Miami-based YouTuber who chronicles the weekenders, vacationers, drunks, and other landlubbers who ply the large local waves in boats they have no business piloting.

"As Miami natives, we get the opportunity to view and experience some gnarly boat action. Join me as I capture boats ripping through sunny Miami beaches and ...

Young people retaliate with shocking finality to unchecked abuse

In this 2019 footage, patrons ouside a bar in Los Angeles argue with some skateboarding kids. Though the youngsters aren't belligerent, a heavily-built man lunches at them, punching one youngster in the face. He punches another boy who tries to reason with him, and then a third. Bystanders do nothing to stop him attacking the ...

Watch a live feed as 250,000 bikers come to annual Sturgis Ralley

I've been watching this live feed of Main Street in Sturgis South Dakota, home of the famous annual motorcycle congregation. The street is already filled with parked motorcycles, and I have not seen anyone wearing a mask yet. It will be interesting to visit this live feed from time to time over the weekend as ...

If your dog only wants human food, try this hilarious trick

Like a toddler who only wants the toy that the other kid is playing with, this dog only wants food that the other dog (er, human) is eating. But, with just a bit of reverse psychology, said human gets his pooch to relish its doggie meal. Watch this simple trick. Read the rest


Wombat says hello on snowy mountain path in Tasmania

This curious wombat waddled over to a human, while the critter was wandering through snow-covered Cradle Mountain, in Tasmania, on Wednesday August 5.

“Only one vehicle allowed on the bridge at a time 😆😍 I was more than happy to give way to this beautiful Wombat,” Tasmania-based photographer Nikki Long said in an Instagram ...