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SGeek goes nuts for Audeze Mobius headphones

I recently received a pair of Audeze Mobius to review and I have to agree with Lisabel's "*********!"

I am too new with these cans to give them a thorough review but my initial impression is that Audeze has figured out how to make their incredible planar magnetic headphone technology accessible to folks for an ...

Imaginary dream computer from 1984

The funny folks at Squirrel Monkey made a fantasy promotional video for a computer that never existed, called the DC 640. It had a number of cutting edge features, including a built-in LED alarm clock, an FM transmitter (for data and voice communication), and a solderless breadboard. Read the rest “Imaginary dream computer ...

Truck-eating bridge claims a new victim

On March 13, the driver of a Ryder truck missed multiple warnings signs and ran into infamous "can-opener" bridge in Durham, NC. People have been offering solutions for this problematic bridge for years, but there doesn't seem to one that will take care of the problem.

What about some kind of system that senses the ...

A glowing, 3D printed rose that “blooms” when you touch its petals

Daren Schwenke's 3D printed blooming rose embeds a capacitive touch sensor -- a magnetic wire -- in one of the leaves, which trips an Arduino-controlled actuator that changes the rose's lighting and causes the petals -- 3D printed and then shaped over a hot chandelier bulb -- to splay open or fold closed.

The build ...

Video of Coney Island rides from the 1930s and 1940s that would never fly today

Michael Hearst, composer of the classic "Songs for Ice Cream Trucks" and author of the excellent Unusual Creatures, shares this delightful video of seemingly quite dangerous rides at Coney Island in the 1930s and 1940s.

These sanctioned affronts to safety remind me of the fun I had rolling around with my brothers in ...

Where does consciousness come from?

"Consciousness is what allows us to be aware of both our surroundings and our own inner state." In the first of a three part video series, "Kruzgesagt - In a Nutshell" examines "how unaware things come aware." Stay tuned for theories of consciousness that of course may be as much about philosophy as they are ...

Cartoonist Kayfabe: Wizard Magazine 16, December 1992

Ed and Jim's investigation into the 1990's comic book speculation boom and bust continues! In this issue:

*The second wave of Image Comics creators is officially upon us with the release of Darker Image issue 1.

*Cartoonist Lea Hernandez drops some knowledge about the trials and tribulations of the comic book business.


Anthony Edwards stars in 1985’s ‘Gotcha!’

Even at age 13, I knew there was more to college than Gotcha!

This forgotten campus-game-turns-spy movie played endlessly on either Z Channel or as an HBO Feature Presentation. Gotcha! was supposed to be some madcap adventure, but really was just a guidebook on how to be a giant ****. There was a time it was ...