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D & D character alignments as Valentine’s Day conversation hearts

The wonderfully talented artist and illustrator, Michelle Rial, posted this D & D character alignment chart to her Twitter feed.

I need a new hobby

— Michelle Rial (@TheRialMichelle) February 14, 2020

Which alignment are you? Would you use different candy hearts?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Image: Used with Permission Read the ...

Zoo will name a rat or roach after your ex and feed it to a snake on Valentine

The San Antonio Zoo in Texas has a special offer for Valentine's Day. For $25 it will name a pre-frozen rodent after your ex and feed it to snake, reports WNEM News.

If your ex isn't worth $25, you can name a cockroach ("sourced from professional roach breeders") for $5 and the zoo will ...

Hot date coming up? Take $30 off wine deliveries over $100 with’s Valentine’s Day deal

02.06.2019 · Posted in Dating Articles, Technology Articles

Feb. 14 is technically supposed to celebrate couples, but we all know the real star of this holiday for people who enjoy alcohol: Wine.  Whether your hot date involves a significant other, your friends, or your cat, if you like wine, you'll like... ...

Get your first BarkBox for $5 with this Valentine’s Day deal — because puppy love is the best type of love

02.05.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Don't let the corny marketing fool you — Valentine's Day is about much more than mushy romantic love. BarkBox wants help you celebrate the puppy love in your life (after all, your dog is the one who keeps you and your bottle of wine compan... ...

Get free dessert for a year when you sign up for Plated with this Valentine’s Day offer

01.31.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

Valentine's Day dinner dates at fancy restaurants are cute — in theory. But when you realize they actually entail being packed so tightly that you feel like you're on double date with the couple beside you, staying in to cook a meal togeth... ...

Valentines Day – Exceptional Love Through Lovely Notes of Romance

02.08.2012 · Posted in Relationships Articles

Surprisingly, expressing your love may be very pleasant activity for every one because you will be very happy and loving so that you can hope that you are on lovely place. This is good chance for your love partner to express your love in special ways. Therefore, this is very lovely and special day for ...