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Giuliani’s Ukraine business dealings probed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan

• Trump lawyer’s bank records examined • Witnesses questioned on work for Ukraine mayor • Feds probing efforts to oust U.S. ambassador

Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is the subject of a federal criminal investigation.

Southern District of New York (SDNY) prosecutors are reported by the Wall Street Journal to now be examining Rudy Giuliani's business dealings ...

Trump’s former Russia adviser Fiona Hill to testify on Giuliani, Sondland, ‘shadow Ukraine policy’ before Congress: Reports

Donald Trump's former Russia adviser Fiona Hill is reported to have agreed to testify before three House committees on Monday, October 14, in the Democratic impeachment inquiry.

Bloomberg was among the first to report the news on Thursday morning, citing two House officials familiar with the plans.

NBC's Josh Lederman later on Thursday broke ...

Ukraine: 4 or more U.S. officials were so upset by Trump’s pressure on Zelensky, they spoke to W.H. lawyer

Four or more top U.S. national security officials were so upset by Donald Trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine for Joe Biden dirt that they spoke to a White House lawyer with their concerns “both before and immediately after President Trump’s July 25 call with that country’s president,” the Washington Post reports tonight citing “U.S. ...

Judge okays $1 million bond for Giuliani associates Parnas and Fruman, related marijuana scheme revealed

A judge today approved a $1 million bond in property and business for two associates of President Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, along with mandatory home confinement and GPS monitoring.

Parnas and Fruman remain in custody until those conditions are met.

Their next hearing date is set for next Thursday afternoon in ...

Mike Pence flails as NBC questions him on strong-arming Ukraine

Pence is trying as hard as he can not to go down with the ship.

— Matt Rogers 🎙🎃 (@Politidope) October 10, 2019

NBC's Vaughn Hillyard refuses to let Mike Pence offer non-answers.

Pence cannot answer the questions asked of him. Read the rest


Hunter Biden’s Ukraine gig was corrupt, just not in the way Republican conspiracists claim it was

Hunter Biden was getting $50,000/month to sit on the board of Burisma, an oligarch-controlled Ukrainian energy company, a job for which he had no qualifications, apart from his surname, which was part of a concerted effort to launder the company's reputation after the collapse of the regime of the oligarch-friendly, Russia-facing Viktor Yanukovych.

But the prosecutor ...

Top CIA lawyer made criminal referral to Justice on whistleblower’s Trump-Ukraine complaint

Weeks before the Trump Ukraine whistleblower's complaint was made public, a top CIA lawyer made what she said was a criminal referral to the Justice Department on the whistleblower's claim Trump abused the powers of the presidency in pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

“The move by the CIA's general counsel, Trump ...

Stephen Colbert has 10 minutes of jokes about Trump’s weekend of bad whistleblower tweets

10.01.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Stephen Colbert is having so much fun with the 🍑 puns — which is nice, because in between his vocal cord-shredding Trump impression, the 1800-QUID-PRO-QUICKIE party line, and a James Bond parody that sees the return of the Colbert E... ...

Mike Pompeo subpoenaed for Ukraine documents by 3 House panels

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been subpoenaed by 3 House committees for Ukraine documents, and information involving the Donald Trump presidential impeachment investigation.

Sec. Pompeo is told to produce documents related to Ukraine by Oct. 4.

Here is a copy of the subpoena.

This is a developing story.

The Washington Post has some good rolling coverage here.