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Twitter bans posts that ‘dehumanize’ people for diseases like coronavirus

No COVID-19 shaming, please.

Twitter announced Thursday it will ban tweets that “dehumanize” people because they have a disease, disability, or because of their age, which happens to correspond to a spike in the number of tweets about the fast-spreading global coronavirus outbreak.

Read the announcement on the company blog: Updating our rules against hateful ...

Listen: loudspeakers broadcast corona virus closure messages to the empty streets of Shanghai Disneyland

Deutsche Welle's footage of the empty entrance plaza of Shanghai Disneyland as the PA system broadcasts a message that the park is "temporarily closed" for "prevention and control of the disease outbreak" is indeed "straight out of a Hollywood horror movie," as the caption says.

This announcement at Shanghai's Disneyland is ...

Users to Twitter: Ban Nazis. Twitter: What if you could have emoji reactions to a Direct Message

Twitter, where Donald Trump posted 123 bonkers tweets today and Nazis and psyops bots roam free, is rolling out a pop-up feature that lets users add an emoji reaction to a Direct Message, kind of like a similar feature that exists in iOS iMessage. So fancy!

Twitter is testing DM ...

Trump sets presidential record for most tweets in one day, all 123 of them ******

Trump seemed awfully uptight today, didn't he. Can it be the impeachment trial?

By 4:25 PM today in Washington, DonaldTrump broke his own previous record of 123 tweets in a single day, a milestone he set just over one month ago, according to, 'a service that compiles and analyzes data on Trump’s presidency.'

Most of ...

Google spent ~$150 million on US lobbying over last decade, followed by Facebook at ~$81M, Amazon almost $80M: Federal filings

'Federal disclosures filed late Tuesday reveal Amazon and Facebook each spent roughly $17 million to battle back Washington in 2019' ...

Facebook & Twitter **** 55 million fake pro-Trump accounts with AI-generated faces, Epoch Media Group blamed

They had 'American' faces, but these pro-Trump social media accounts all had algorithmically generated faces that only appeared 'American.'

Twitter and Facebook say they have identified 55 million fake accounts that all belonged to a malicious networked operation that seems to be linked to a US-based media company called The BL that has ties to ...

Spectacular, tiny room hidden behind a hinged electrical outlet cover

Japanese artist Mozu makes incredible, miniature dioramas with tiny, winking electronic devices; their latest piece is The Secret Base of Kubito, a tiny workroom hidden behind an electrical outlet. Mozu says of it, "This work, which was born from the delusion that 'If I'm small, don't make a secret base in the wall', and ...

Trump tweets something ****** on Impeachment Eve

Here is a tweet from Donald Trump, the man serving America as the 45th president.

The day after he typed this, Donald Trump will be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors against the United States of America.

We write our own scripts, people.

Good marks and reviews on the letter I sent to Pelosi ...