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Best tech of CES 2020

01.10.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Sometimes, CES is ******. Nobody needs a $13,000 gaming chair. And the world definitely doesn’t need an Alexa-powered Coca-Cola Energy wall.But at CES 2020, there was some cool stuff too, like a way-too-personal dinner with HBO's Westworld and ... ...

Someone wearing a TV on their head is depositing old TVs on front lawns in Virginia

On Sunday morning in Henrico County, Virginia, dozens of residents woke to find old TV sets dumped on their lawns. One person reviewed their home security footage and reported the following:

"It was a guy dressed in a jumpsuit with a TV for a head," said Adrian Garner. "It’s the weirdest thing. He squats down, puts ...

The 6 best home projectors in the UK

08.13.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles


Once upon a time, choosing a new TV was easy. You visited a retailer, picked out the screen size you wanted, and then carried the thing home. It was that simple. Nowadays, there’s almost too much choice. When you've got hundreds of options in front ...

Samsung Galaxy, iRobot Roomba, LG 4K TVs, Nintendo Switch, and more deals for Aug. 9

08.09.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Does the thought of vacuuming your apartment make you tired already? If so, we think you should invest in a robot vacuumAmazon is currently offering iRobot Roomba 671 WiFi robot vacuum for $229.99, saving you $120 off the listed price. Partner t... ...

Eufy RoboVac robot vacuum, iPad Pro, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and more deals for Aug. 4

08.04.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Keeping your home clean while juggling with different projects from school can be stressful. But if you let dust build-up, a gram of dust contains around 250,000 allergenic dust mite ***** pellets. Sounds nasty right? So why not get yourself a Eufy R... ...

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch Lite, Dell XPS, and more deals for Aug. 3

08.03.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles


Still rocking an old generation high definition TV? If so, we think it's time you treated yourself and upgradedWalmart is currently offering a 75-inch Samsung 4K TV for $999.99, saving you $1400 off the listed price. Partner this with a PlayStation 4, ...