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Woman says TSA officer groped and threatened her during a groin search

A woman is suing the TSA after she was groped and threatened by one of its officers, according to a lawsuit recently filed against the TSA. The assault occurred at Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina, according to the suit and as reported by CNN.

After the woman went through the scanner, an officer told ...

TSA officer arrested for coercing a woman into showing her *******

A former TSA officer, Johnathon Lomeli (22), has been charged with ordering a woman at LAX to show him her ******* by telling her it was for security reasons, reports the Associated Press. Lomeli is alleged to have asked the woman to pull back the top of her shirt so could he look at ...

TSA officer grabbed Native American woman’s braids, snapped them and said “Giddy up!”

Tara Houska, an attorney and Indigenous rights activist, was going through TSA security at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport when a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) told Houska she would need to have her braids patted down as a security precaution, reports Fox News.

"She pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed [and] said ‘giddy up!’ as she ...

Woman whose ***** was probed by Burbank TSA “officers” who ignored her refusal sues

Last September, Jessica Lundquist passed through a body-scanner at Burbank airport and was told by a TSA screener that they wanted to conduct a "groin search" on her.

Lundquist refused to allow the screener to touch her *****, whereupon the screener summoned two colleagues. The "officers" (the TSA styles its employees as "officers" even though they ...

TSA confiscated this toilet paper roller shaped like a gun

What was the traveler who carried this gun-shaped toilet paper roller thinking? On every level, seriously, what were they thinking.

This photo from the Transportation Security Administration shows a gun-shaped toilet paper holder confiscated at Newark Liberty International Airport TSA checkpoint on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019.

TSA agents thought it was a gun when they put ...

The TSA ***** searched a grandmother on Mother’s Day and now says that she’s overreacting because it’s no different from a locker room

Last Mother's Day, grandmother Rhonda Mengert was subjected to a pat-down search at Tulsa airport, wherein a TSA agent felt a *****-liner in her underwear; she was then forced to ***** down and show her *****-liner to a female TSA agent. Naturally, she filed suit against the TSA.

Now, the TSA has filed a

Toddler jumps on airport conveyor belt, is conveyed to bag room

Hilarity fading to horror, like everything else on the internet. NBC News reports minor injuries for the little boy who found his way into ATL's bowels.

The small boy walked away from his mother at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport while she attempted to print out her boarding pass at a kiosk, according to an ...

A grandmother is suing the TSA for ***** searching her to get a look at her ***** liner, on Mother’s Day

Back in 2012, Jon Corbett made headlines by showing that he could easily get metal through TSA checkpoints' full-body pornoscanners: his experiences fighting the TSA convinced him to get his law license and hang out a shingle, and now he has his first client: Rhonda Mengert, a grandmother who was illegally *****-searched by the ...