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Why switching attention from one thing to another wrecks your productivity

"Every time you switch your attention from one target to another and then back again, there’s a cost," Cal Newport said in a New York Times interview. "This switching creates an effect that psychologists call attention residue, which can reduce your cognitive capacity for a non-trivial amount of time before it clears." Newport has ...

Here’s why you shouldn’t rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher

Don't rinse food particles from dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. If you do, the detergent won't have anything to cling to and your dishes won't get as clean.

From Mental Floss:

One of the arguments against pre-rinsing is that certain detergents are designed to cling to food particles, as the Cascade detergent brand informed ...

8 Dry ***** Skin Solutions to Try

12.13.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

The scene: A guy has been anxiously awaiting that first trip to bedtime heaven with a new partner. As he finally reveals his manhood to his partner, they draw away, suddenly remembering they need to leave. That’s what may happen when a visible ***** health condition like flaky, dry ***** skin strikes an otherwise enticing ...

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***** Sensation Protection: Common Sense Tips

12.05.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

Clearly, there are numerous reasons to practice appropriate ***** health strategies, including the fact that a healthier ***** is likely to simply function on a more acceptable level. ***** health includes maintaining ***** sensation at a level such that the physical manipulation of the *****, by whatever means, produces pleasurable reactions in a man. Of ...

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Be a Thanksgiving security hero with these family-friendly tips

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re: Pretty good at tech stuff Spending time with your family for Thanksgiving Bored because you’re reading this article right now You may not celebrate Thanksgiving where you live, but most of our readers are American. So let’s use this opportunity to review the tech setup of your family. ...