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Mark Zuckerberg allegedly created a fake, racist social media profile in former colleague’s name

05.24.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Author Ben Mezrich alleges that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hacked into one of Cameron Winklevoss’ social media accounts and created a false account, filling it with xenophobic and racist materials. Read more...More about Facebook, Mashable Vid... ...

12 great Memorial Day deals for gamers

05.24.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

With the recent release of Rage 2, John Wick's Fortnite debut, and Red Dead Online's long-awaited move out of beta, it only makes sense to spend your Monday off playing video games this Memorial Day weekend.  To mark the occasion, we've cob... ...

This is why self-driving cars **** at making unprotected left turns

Human or robot driver, left-hand turns in a car are tough. Unprotected turns? Even harder. Cruise, the self-driving car company backed by General Motors, put out a video Thursday showing its self-driving electric Bolts making left turns all over San ... ...