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Pups! Pics! Pancakes!

09.24.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Ad Content from CanonReady for an epic day of perfectly timed moments? Ready to shake up your weekend brunch plans? First, gather as many dogs (and their owners) as you can find. Next, mix with plenty of squeaky toys, an obstacle course, and pancakes ... ...

EVs on ice? Watch this electric car company push its limits in the icy mountains of New Zealand

09.10.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles


How does an automotive startup from Silicon Valley continue winter weather development when summer hits? It goes to the Southern Hemisphere, to a beautifully remote mountainous region of New Zealand. Vehicle development for SF Motors is a year-round endeavor as they near the 2019 release ...

An End To Loose Dentures?

10.09.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

All of our mouths are slowly but constantly changing shape. While this may not cause a problem for most people, it can make life very difficult for denture wearers. As the shapes of the upper and lower jaw bones change, gaps can start to appear between the gum and the denture causing them to become ...