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What to call residents of each US state

See below. Yes, the U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual refers to residents of Hawaii as "Hawaii residents." This change occurred last year thanks to Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) who pushed for clarification that not everyone who lives in Hawaii is a Native Hawaiian.

After about a dozen arguments about what ...

Here Are The Most Electric Car Friendly States In The U.S.

10.17.2018 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

THE BEST SPOTS FOR EV OWNERSHIP HAVE THE MOST CHARGING STATIONS PER CAPITA AND THE LOWEST ELECTRICITY RATES, AMONG OTHER FACTORS. It’s well known that some parts of the nation are more friendly to electric vehicle ownership than others, and for a variety of reasons. Usually one thinks of California as the nation’s hotbed for ...

The Civil War and Slaves in America

08.29.2009 · Posted in Religion Articles

Federal laws against slavery were not proposed, as they already existed. The further spread of slavery needed to be controlled. The south part feared that it would lose the control of the federal government to antislavery forces and the northern feared that the ***** powers already controlled the government. ...