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The Risks and Rewards of Investing in Startups by Greg Van Wyk

03.28.2022 · Posted in Business News Article

As an investor, you are always looking for new opportunities to make money. Startups offer a unique opportunity to do just that. But investing in startups is not without its risks. This guide will explore the risks and rewards of investing in startups. Risks: The biggest risk when investing in startups is the possibility of ...

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What is Unorganized Taxi Sector of India?

03.21.2022 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

In this article we are going to get an idea about the Unorganized Taxi sector of India. What is  the Unorganized Taxi sector? How does the Unorganized Taxi sector work? What are current problems in this Sector. And solution for the problems.  Let’s Start Our Ride of the Unorganized Taxi sector Taxi…………What image comes to ...

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Wright tests its 2-megawatt electric engines for passenger planes

Just like the automotive industry, aerospace has its sights set on going electric — but flying with battery-powered engines is a tougher proposition than rolling. Wright is among the startups looking to change the math and make electrified flight possible at scales beyond small aircraft — and its 2-megawatt engine could power the first generation ...

4 Unique Growth Tactics for 2020

<***>growth tactics

Marketing tactics change constantly. Each year new tactics become more impactful, and old ones fade into obscurity. Sticking to the same tactics is stale for your current customers and potential customers, too. Instead of just running the same growth tactics for years on end, it’s time to make a switch in 2020. Here ...

How Founders and CEOs Can Raise Early Checks (With Pavel Cherkashin)

01.05.2020 · Posted in Computer Articles, Technology Articles

<***>how to ceo

I’m excited to speak with Pavel Cherkashin in today’s episode of the How To CEO podcast!. Pavel is a co-founder and managing partner at Mindrock Capital. Pavel is also a managing partner at GVA Capital. I spoke with him about what founders and CEOs need to know about raising ...

4 High-Potential Sectors for AI and ML Startup Success

01.01.2020 · Posted in Computer Articles, Technology Articles

<***>ai and ml startups

Today, the explosion of development in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology has created a market for which it appears there’s no limit. No matter the industry, if you name a reasonably-sized (or larger) company, there’s a good chance that they’re investing in AI and ML ...

*****-banking startup Dadi shows fertility tech is for men, too

08.08.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Despite the fact that getting pregnant usually takes two to tango, conversations and solutions in fertility tech often leave out a dance partner: men. That's part of the reason Tom Smith, an entrepreneur and tech veteran of companies including Apple ... ...

Wellness startup Wellset wants to avoid the ‘woo woo’ — and responsibility

07.30.2019 · Posted in Health Articles, Technology Articles

A Los Angeles-based startup wants to be the Airbnb of the insta-buzziest concept of the 2010s: wellness.  WellSet calls itself a discovery platform for "wellness services" like massages and acupuncture. On WellSet, users can find practitioners t... ...

This historic naval machine shop in Brooklyn is now a high-tech center for innovation — Future Blink

07.17.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

The New Lab is an 85,000 sq ft building covering four different floors and over 600 entrepreneurs. It is located in the iconic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Read more...More about Startups, History, Mashable Video, Buildings Architecture, and Brooklyn ...