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5 outdoor speakers to improve your socially distanced hangouts

06.18.2020 · Posted in Outdoors Articles, Technology Articles

This summer is shaping up to be full of socially-distanced outdoor hangs. When everyone is six feet apart, your music has to be pretty bumping, which means you need a good outdoor speaker. As of June 18, we've found a few outdoor and portable Bluetoo... ...

IKEA drops crazy modular speakers in collab with Teenage Engineering

01.24.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

I'm not sure if raves are still a thing, but I'm pretty sure IKEA is trying to make them a thing again. The furniture brand teamed up with Teenage Engineering, the Swedish consumer electronics company behind the OP-1 synthesizer and Pocket Operator, ... ...

Bluetooth bookshelf speakers with great midrange

These Edifier S1000DB speakers will be the ones I listen to while I work.

I left my old home stereo in my old home. It was hard-wired into the walls and I didn't want the new owners to have to sort all that **** out. As I move into a new place I do not ...

Our best audio deals for Black Friday: Earbuds, headphones, and speakers

11.29.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

The holidays are supposed to be cheerful and bright, but can often feel exactly the opposite. That's where music comes in to save the day. There's nothing like a good holiday playlist to make rough days merrier (or anti-holiday playlists – what... ...