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Listen to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s minimalist cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?”

This lovely cover was heard in the seventh episode of the new Watchmen TV show, titled "An Almost Religious Awe." The track will appear on Reznor and Ross's album "Watchmen: Vol. 3 (Music from the HBO Series)" due out December 16.

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Brian Eno, Roger Eno, and Daniel Lanois discuss the recording of “Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks”

In this new 14-minute mini-doc from Noisey, Brian Eno, his music-therapist brother Roger, and producer/musician Daniel Lanois, discuss their 1983 writing and recording of Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks, their soundtrack for the Al Reinert film, For All Mankind. They also talk about the newly remastered Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks – Extended Edition and the ...

“Strarcrossed,” the hot disco track from the Price is Right (1976)

Come on down and, more to the point, get on down to this full version of "Starcrossed," one of the many disco jams from Score Productions used as a musical cue on The Price is Right starting in 1976.

Also, I hadn't realized before that Crystal Waters' 2001 cover of Score Productions' "Come on ...

Stranger Things 3 trailer improved with cheery old-timey music

The Stranger Things 3 trailer with a delightful original score by Michael Hearst of "Songs for Ice Cream Trucks" fame.

"Survive, pack up your synths! Hearst, crank up the calliope!"

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Watch The Breeders and Melkbelly cover John Carpenter’s “Halloween” theme

At Asbury Park's The Stone Pony last week, alt.rock icons The Breeders and Chicago noise pop band Melkbelly covered John Carpenter's "Halloween" theme. According to Kim Deal, the band was inspired by a recent viewing of the new Halloween film and worked out the tune at soundcheck. Read the rest


Apple iPhone Music Downloads – For Your Best Entertainment

11.04.2008 · Posted in Arts And Entertainment Article

If you are expecting for Apple iPhone music downloads that is faster and better, then here it comes. Yes, for lovers of music, one of their expectations is to have their music in an easier way. Apple takes a step forward to give you what you want. This time, it will move on to other ...

Unlimited Music Downloads For Ipod – Spend Less for Quality iPod Music

11.03.2008 · Posted in Arts And Entertainment Article

Many Ipod owners are on the constant lookout for unlimited music downloads for iPod. Aside from getting all the music and songs that they want for their music player, unlimited downloads means that these songs can be obtained either for free or for a cheap cost. However, how do you know if the songs ...