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Coop’s Randotti skulls: now available as tights!

Artist Coop's revival of the outstanding skulls of the Randotti Corporation (as seen at Disneyland and Walt Disney World!) continues with a line of tights featuring Haunted Skull, Voodoo Skull and Pirate Skull. Read the rest


Archaeological evidence for the Iron Age practice of embalming your enemies’ severed heads with resin and displaying them

Ancient Roman texts and sculptures describe a Celtic practice of severing your defeated enemies' heads, embalming them with resin and plant oils, and displaying them as war trophies: now, archaeologists have unearthed evidence of the practice at Le Cailar, the 2,500 year old walled city near the Rhone.

The archaeologists have identified fragments of 100 or ...

Skulls and bones with magnifying-glass-burned “tattoos”

Damien Noll sez, "My skulls and bones are all burned (like black line tattoo) using just a magnifying lens and sunshine."

My latest work is solar pyrography on animal skulls and bones, boar, ******, cat, cow, coyote, deer etc. Many of these skulls were processed by me from animals passed to me by local hunters in Southern ...

Motorcycle Gear and Apparel

02.23.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

[I:2:T] Has you Son, Daughter, Niece, Nephew or Grand kid Changed in the past year or so? Have they become withdrawn or maybe a little rowdy? When you ask them what they want for the Holidays or a special occasion is the answer "I don't know?" Was it just a few years ago you used ...