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Want To Get A Start In Online Shopping? Try These Simple Steps!

05.03.2021 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

The Internet is like a giant mall. You can get every little thing you need just by pecking on your keyboard. There are many areas that you need aid getting a strategy to obtain the very best offers. Read this short article for suggestions on just how to online shopping. Steps for Online Shopping Browse ...

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Last year for Britain’s legendary Argos Catalogue

The UK generally lacks space for big-box stores that sell everything, a la Wal-Mart. That niche in the ecology of consumerism was occupied instead by Argos, which crams a similarly vast inventory into basement warehouses and allows shoppers to order from a showroom. In this showroom are dozens of laminated catalogs featuring all the stuff ...

Every item scanned as “Mr Potato Head” in glitch at department stores

Yesterday, five large department stores in the towns of Lindsay and Whitby, Ontario, Canada had to temporarily stop ringing up customers because every item scanned at the register showed up as Mr. Potato Head.

"A point of sale downloading error caused item names to appear incorrectly," said Cathy Kurzbock, manager of external communications for department ...

Microsoft to permanently close its retail stores

Microsoft is to shut shop on the high streets and malls of America, permanently closing its 116 retail stores. Only 10 were overseas; flagship stores in New York City, London, Sydney, and Redmond will be remain as showrooms that do not sell the products. There will be no layoffs, Microsoft reports.

Alarm bells rang when ...

Footage of empty Beijing mall

A man in Beijing, where everyone is told to stay home due to the coronavirus, visited a mall and took a video camera. It's all but deserted: you can get served, but you're not allowed to hang around. Jump a third of the way in for the "action".

P.S. This is basically every mall in Pittsburgh ...

The lost Apple Store design of the 1990s

In the 1990s, Marc Newsom designed the Apple retail store concept as imagined in this presentation video by Me Company. While this design didn't get the go-ahead from Apple twenty-five years ago, today it would be perfect for a vaporwave record store.


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7 of the best noise-canceling headphones for airplane travel

11.22.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

Whether you like it or not, flying on a plane means that you’ll inevitably be confronted with a multitude of unpleasant sounds; from crying babies to the plane’s roaring engine.

We've rounded up the best headphones in general, the best noise-canceling headphones, and the best wireless headphones before, but this is ...

The Mall, footage from a dying mall in 1994

This is The Mall, first opened in Huntsville, Alabama and demolished in 1998. Collected by Highway Explorer in 1994 as this former retail haven was taking its dying breaths, this footage could do quite well with a dark vaporwave (or mallwave) soundtrack. From Highway Explorer:

This footage was shot on a very quiet Saturday night ...