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Getting the right tennis shoes

11.25.2009 · Posted in Health Care Articles

Tennis shoes are used by various people playing various sports. A pair of athletic shoes is called tennis shoes and is very important for any good player. Any outdoor game, be it tennis or other exhausting game involves a lot of preparation. A great amount of practice and long hours in the court is spent ...

What Are Proper Girl Shoes

11.25.2009 · Posted in Shoes Articles

Any parent or guardian knows the challenge of satisfying the needs and wants of young girls when it comes to what they wear. At this stage fashion is very important, even the most creative parents or guardian will be confused on how to keep up with the latest trend. ...

Dealing with diabetes in children

11.23.2009 · Posted in Disease Articles

There's a belief that only older people suffer from chronic disease like diabetes, but nowadays kids have been diagnosed to have this kind of disease all over the world. Type 1 diabetes also known as "juvenile diabetes" is the type of diabetes that is becoming prone to kids. ...

A couple of Facts about diabetes.

11.23.2009 · Posted in Disease Articles

Diabetes is often talked about these days. It is said to be the fastest growing disease in the world and World Health Organization (WHO) have recently described it as an epidemic. But what exactly is diabetes? This article will explain the effects it has to our body and its various types. ...