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Tinder founder funds *** tips app Lover

Want to spice up the bedroom without paying for pills or awkward visits to a *** therapist? A new app called Lover lets you take a ****** personality quiz, explore carnal knowledge tutorials, and discretely figure out which turn-ons you share with your partner. Built by board certified ****** medicine clinical psychologist Dr. Britney Blair, ...

Transwoman trains her new ******’s pelvic floor with a kegel-controlled version of Flappy Bird

Laura Dale is a transwoman who got a "new ******" through "bottom surgery"; afterwards, as she cast about for ways to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, she discovered Perifit, a Bluetooth kegel-based video-game controller that registers every time the user bears down on it with their pelvic floor muscles.

The controller is not a simple ...

3 texting services that help teens when *** ed can’t

02.22.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

The internet has changed how kids learn about ***, but *** ed in the classroom still *****. In *** Ed 2.0, Mashable explores the state of *** ed and imagines a future where digital innovations are used to teach consent, *** positivity, respect, and r... ...

Men’s ****** Health: Achieving Better ***** Function

01.04.2019 · Posted in Health Articles, Men Articles

Men’s ****** health is an important part of his overall personal health and wellbeing, and therefore, it is an important issue to consider in terms of self-care. Of course, since the main player in this regard is the *****, it stands to reason that this treasured appendage should receive a man’s primary attention when it ...

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Testosterone and ****** Health: It’s Complicated

10.24.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

Now more than ever, testosterone is something that is discussed in terms of a guy’s ****** health. There’s nary a man alive who doesn’t know that testosterone is important to muscle tone, performance capability, ***** health, and so on. “T levels” are tossed around as a topic of conversation, and many guys boast about how ...

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Erectile Dysfunction Testing: What to Expect During an Exam

09.06.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

“Erectile dysfunction” is one phrase no man wants to hear, but it’s something which unfortunately does happen to a lot of men. As a matter of fact, the National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases estimates about 30,000,000 men in America are affected by erectile dysfunction, making it a significant ****** health issue. ...

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Demystifying Erectile Dysfunction: How We Study It and How It’s Treated

09.04.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

Men are fortunate to be living in a world in which our knowledge of ****** health has increased to the point that it has. Gone are the days when, say, treating syphilis required a man to drink dangerous quantities of mercury – with little effect on the disease itself, and certainly to the detriment of ...

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