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Modern bathroom design is a direct response to pandemic planning

I spent the first two weeks of my quarantine ******** in a portapotty in the parking lot of my building. It wasn't great — but hey, at least it was always stocked with hand sanitizer.

The contractors I'd hired to renovate my bathroom were not so good on timeliness or communication before the pandemic started. And it ...

Sewage could reveal true scope of coronavirus outbreak, scientists say

Scientists say that traces of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material -- viral RNA -- in the poo we flush down the toilet and into the sewage system might reveal how badly coronavirus has hit a given community.

Analyzing sewage could show the true scale of an outbreak, in the absence of available testing, they say.

Looking for outbreak markers ...

What to Expect During Sewage Cleanup in Lumberton NC

01.17.2012 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

Whether due to natural or manmade causes, water damage can be minimized if not completely prevented by performing routine home maintenance. Without regular home inspections, a simple pipe leak can lead to bigger problems such as weakened structures, mold buildup and sewage backup. ...

How to Proceed With Sewage Cleanup in Willoughby OH

12.01.2011 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

Sewage cleanup in Willoughby OH is not uncommon. You may have bought an old house where the facilities need updating or the waterways get clogged for reasons that you don't have control of. The thing is, when this problem arises, what's important is that you know how to apply emergency measures to prevent bigger damage ...

Water Damage Restoration Naperville, IL – What You Need To Know

11.30.2011 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

While it's true that you can't do much about flooding due to heavy rains, knowing what to do when the situation is at hand can make things less complicated. But with plenty of water damage restoration Naperville, IL companies to provide solutions, you can deal with the problem effectively the soonest possible time. ...

Effective Ways to Deal with Water Damage Restoration Elgin, IL

11.28.2011 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

The homeowner must see to it though that children, sick people and pets are safely tucked in a place away from the flooded area. Those participating in the cleanup must wear protective gear such as waterproof gloves, boots and proper clothing. ...