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Effectively Dealing with Sensory Integration Dysfunction

02.24.2012 · Posted in Health Articles

Childhood professionals deal with a complex variety of issues every day such as sensory integration dysfunction, ADHD, and similar challenges. In their quest to provide the most effective tools and techniques to help children reach their full potential in life, it can be confusing about which methods are best. ...

I Can’t Stand My Kid! Oppositional Defiance Disorder May Be Why

02.13.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

I'm the parent of five adopted kids, and I'm here to tell you that I know a little about oppositional defiance disorder in children, or ODD for short. Dr. James Lehman, behavioral therapist and creator of The Total Transformation Program for parents, says that a day with a child with oppositional defiance behavior is a ...

The Holidays are Here! How to Thrive During this Busy Time of Year!

12.24.2008 · Posted in Parenting Articles

Your kids are excited about the school winter break, but you might not be. Here are some tips and activity ideas to help you and your family thrive during this busy time of the year. ...

Experience Sharing Communication

12.08.2008 · Posted in Other Health Articles

When you talk with your children do you get one word answers or do you have an actual conversation? Help your children learn the difference between answering questions and sharing experiences and you ...