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Clearview AI founder linked to Trump world and Far-Right, NYPD denies ****** recognition firm claim it helped catch terrorist suspect

Hoan Ton-That, founder of ****** recognition tech firm Clearview AI, previously connected to Trump world figures and online hate extremists, reports Buzzfeed News

Chuck Johnson, Mike Cernovich, and Rudy Giuliani are among the linked figures named in Buzzfeed report

NYPD disputes ****** recognition firm Clearview AI's claim that it identified a terrorism suspect

Clearview ...

Twitter tells ******-recognition app maker to stop scraping photos, Clearview AI used by 600+ US law enforcement agencies

Clearview AI app used by 600+ law enforcement agencies, from local police departments to FBI, DHS

Twitter told law enforcement app maker Clearview AI that its scraping of Twitter images for ****** recognition databases violated Twitter policies.

The company behind the app is sort of mysterious, but has in recent months licensed its powerful face-recognition AI to ...