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Facebook says government demands for user data are at a record high

Facebook’s latest transparency report is out. The social media giant said the number of government demands for user data increased by 16% to 128,617 demands during the first-half of this year compared to the second-half of last year. That’s the highest number of government demands its received in any reporting period since it published its ...

Brave 1.0 launches, privacy-focused web browser finally out of beta

The privacy-focused web browser Brave has finally launched a 1.0 version, bringing it officially out of beta.

The beta version of Brave, which promises “faster, more private and secure” than other browsers, had 8 million monthly users, say the developers.

Now, a full stable Brave 1.0 release is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, ...

Popular UK health websites share sensitive user data with Google, Facebook, dozens more

A number of popular health-related websites in the UK are reported to be actively sharing sensitive user data with dozens of third parties, including Google and Facebook, but also various adtech firms and data brokers. Not good. An important new investigation from the Financial Times reveals symptoms, drug names, and terms like 'abortion' are shared ...

****** recognition tools shared by ‘Massive, secretive network of police departments’

At Medium's OneZero [@ozm], new reporting based on “thousands of pages of previously undisclosed emails” confirms “the existence of a massive, secretive network of police departments working together to share controversial ****** recognition tools.”

That's not good.

And here's what's worse.

"Officers on the listserv are encouraged to adopt a Fight Club-style directive that precludes group ...

A new ‘Zombieload’ flaw hits Intel’s newest Cascade Lake chips

Time to reset your “days since last major chip vulnerability” counter back to zero. Security researchers have found another flaw in Intel processors — this time it’s a new variant of the Zombieload attack they discovered earlier this year, but targeting Intel’s latest family of chips, Cascade Lake. Intel calls the vulnerability Transactional Asynchronous Abort, ...