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This writer’s Twitter thread about his stay in a creepy log cabin is the stuff of nightmares

03.26.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Log cabins are a bit of a problem for writers. On the one hand, they make pretty great places for a nice retreat — somewhere quiet and out of the way where you can really focus on that latest project. On the other hand, they're scary as ****. S... ...


r/megalophobia is a my new favorite subreddit, specializing in things that are very big and therefore very, very scary. Postings range from Lovecraftian monsters looming in the mist to zoom-out animations impressing upon the viewer the insignificance of Planet Earth and all human concerns. Currently popular are disturbing photoshops of large comets looming over ...

This trailer for Adult Swim’s ‘The Shivering Truth’ is the freakiest thing you’ll see today

11.26.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

And you thought stop-motion animation was creepy on a good day.  From Robot Chicken to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult Swim programming has become notorious for its cartoon insta-nightmares. Their newest series, The Shivering Truth, appears to... ...

Carefully curated nightmare toilets

As Halloween approacheth, perhaps it's time to tour the world's most troubling and terrifying toilets, courtesy of Phil from Toilets With Threatening Auras.

— Toilets With Threatening Auras (@scarytoilet) September 30, 2018

— Toilets With Threatening Auras (@scarytoilet) September 27, 2018

@scarytoilet the emo toilet ...

Zombie Attacks Continue

10.31.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

You are walking across a field covered in acres and acres of lush green land. When out of nowhere, zombies, yes I said zombies, pop up from the ground like weeds! What do you do? It is definitely the season for zombies, and you best be ready. ...

Independent British Film Company Producing Next Blair Witch?

07.02.2007 · Posted in Movies Article

An independent British Film Company based in London, UK, are producing a Feature Film on the paranormal activity at Crowley Hall. Walrus Films are a small film company that have produced short films and music videos up until now. This is their first venture into the World of Independent Feature Film Production. ...