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Aventior announces partnership with Aspectum

06.22.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Aspectum has signed a contract of cooperation with Aventior to improve its Change Detection and Object Detection capabilities. Aspectum will utilize Aventior’s processing algorithms to develop its data analytics and improve the in-house Aspectum machine learning model. With the help of these technologies, Aspectum will be able to conduct object detection operations such as data collection, processing, and ...

Object Detection of Water Bodies

05.21.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Water is the vital natural resource for human survival and development, as well as an important restriction factor of the Eco-environment. Accurate quantitative water body recognition is crucial to many applications including environmental monitoring, resource survey, flood assessment, and drought detection. The presented research addresses a pervasive crucial concern, volumetric detection of water bodies. Introduction ...

Top Satellite Imagery Sources

04.12.2021 · Posted in Technology Articles

The approximate number of satellites orbiting the earth is 2666. These satellites provide us the images of the earth which is known as Satellite Imagery. The images are used for communication purposes, for observation of Earth, and for navigation purposes. Governments and businesses around the world have ownership rights of these satellites. The satellites are ...