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A Salesperson of Your Life – Pt. 2

09.13.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

As I said in my last column, like it or not we are all salesmen. Our lives are made up of a series of “sales presentations”, otherwise known as presenting ourself in the best light possible. Whether we’re out for a job interview, trying for a raise, or just convincing our employees that a ...

Sales Management Tips To Know

08.20.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Many common sales management mistakes can be avoided if you take the time to recognize them, and the result will be a happy, motivated, productive, and successful sales team. When you praise your sales staff, for example, dont mix praise with constructive criticism or coaching, since this can be interpreted by some people ...

Six Keys to Hiring Successful Telesales Professionals

07.01.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Hiring successful telesales professionals is absolutely vital in order to create success for your company. Talented telesales pros know how to increase your profits while creating a positive image for your business in the minds of customers. There are several things to think about when trying to hire telesales professionals. ...

10 Tips For Effective Cold Calling

05.27.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Cold calling. Just the name can send chills up your spine. There are productive ways for sales professionals to prepare for cold calling, says John Monderine, President of Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc.. He shares 10 tips guaranteed to take the chill off of cold calling. ...