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Feds charge Evil Corp, Russia-based creators of Dridex malware, in $100 million bank hacking spree

The most on-brand name since “Fraud Guarantee.”

The U.S. departments of Justice and Treasury departments today announced sanctions against the Russian hacking group “Evil Corp.”

The Russian cybercrime organization stole “at least” $100 million from banks using malware that grabbed users' banking credentials, the DOJ/Treasury joint press release says.

The name “Evil Corp.” seems to allude to ...

Most of the largest US voting districts are vulnerable to email spoofing

Only 5% of the largest voting counties in the U.S. are protected against email impersonation and phishing attacks, seen as a key attack method by hackers who officials say want to disrupt the upcoming presidential election. The findings come less than a year before millions of Americans are set to go to the polls to ...

The ‘Ukraine meddling’ thing is a Russian operation, say U.S. intel experts

“Intelligence officials believe that one of the people the Kremlin relied on to spread disinformation about Ukrainian interference was Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch who had ties to Mr. Manafort.” ...

Trump Impeachment tweet-watch: ‘I WANT NOTHING’, Rudy Giuliani runs his mouth

Well, old Donald sure has got himself into a mighty fine pickle.

Gordon Sondland testified under oath today that yes there absolutely was a quid pro quo in the Rudy-Giuliani-led drug deal involving Javelins and the president of Ukraine, and Burisma and young Hunter Biden -- and that whatever he did, Sondland says he did it ...

Raising legal funds to defend an online sf shared world that’s been stolen by a Russian trademark troll

SCP Foundation is an online shared world whose members create delightful fiction, movies, games and other media about. It's a sprawling, global, friendly phenomenon, licensed under Creative Commons.

But its very looseness and lack of formal corporate structures also leaves it vulnerable to trademark trolling. Now, a Russian fraudster has registered trademarks for SCP ...

An interview with Andy Greenberg about his book Sandworm, on the Russian state hackers who attack power grids

Wired security reporter Andy Greenberg's latest book is Sandworm (previously), a true-life technothriller that tells the stories of the cybersecurity experts who analyzed and attributed as series of ghastly cyberwar attacks that brought down parts of the Ukrainian power grid, and then escaped the attackers' control and spread all over the world.

In an ...

PHOTO: Rudy Giuliani with Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, third ‘unnamed associate’

One for the ages. Almost looks like one of those garage sale black velvet paintings with the dogs playing poker.

THIS is an absolutely incredible new photo of former Donald Trump's personal lawyer and current investigation target Rudy Giuliani, along with his distinguished Russian gentlemen friends Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, and a third 'unnamed associate.'

Wow. Here's ...