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Rooster crows “death metal”

Rock out with your **** out! Now, before you say death metal isn't rock, I checked and you're probably right. Oh well, carry on.


"Here's my Deathmetal Rooster called Klobesen(means Toilet brush) crowing. He is really unique! His kind is called Sanjack Crower, recorded in Austria"


Watch Kyle the rooster totally lose it when it’s time to eat

01.24.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Kyle is the baddest rooster on the farm, and we think this video proves it. It captures the moment a man's life likely flashed before his eyes when he was out feeding his flock. Kyle doesn't play games when it's time to eat. Out of seemingly nowh... ...

Wilton Armetale America Inspired Cook and Serve Ware

10.02.2007 · Posted in Gifting Articles

Wilton Armetale is a new material based on an aluminum alloy, developed by the Wilton Brass Company in 1963. The material has the look of pewter and silver, and is capable of being cast into different forms with intricate, embossed designs. ...

Wilton Armetale and Classically Styled Cook and Serve ware

10.02.2007 · Posted in Gifting Articles

Wilton Armetale is aluminum based material that is capable of being cast into desired shapes and worked upon for final finishing. US Food & Drugs Administration has accepted this material as suitable for food service. ...