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Japanese engineers built a 60-foot tall Gundam and let it walk free

Earlier this year, Gundam Factory Yokohama announced plans to debut a 60-foot-tall Gundam robot on October 1, 2020. While construction on this epic mech was initially delayed by COVID-19, it seems that things are back on schedule — so much so, that they let the Gundam out for a test walk.

Popular Mechanics ...

This man built a robot to cut his hair in quarantine

Remember engineer Shane Wighton of Stuff Made Here who impressed the Internet with his robotic basketball backboard that helps the ball into the hoop? Now he's built a robot that cuts his hair. Using a combination of physical sensors and computer vision, it gave him a pretty great looking mullet! I also appreciate ...

Tiny videocamera worn by an insect

University of Washington engineers developed a tiny, wireless, and steerable videocamera that can be worn by insects or minuscule micro-robots to stream live video. The device weighs just 248 milligrams. Evan Ackerman writes in IEEE Spectrum:

The system was successfully tested on a pair of darkling beetles that were allowed to roam freely outdoors, and ...

Excellent absurd video of Boston Dynamics SPOT robot wearing a horse head

Someone outfitted a Boston Dynamics SPOT mobile robot with a silly fake horse head and suddenly the future of robotics looks a lot less scary.

As esteemed futurist Jim Dator once said, "Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous." Read the rest


The Slothbot is a slow-moving, energy-efficient observation robot that’s also an adorable sloth

The critters at the Atlanta Botanical Garden look oddly … metallic?

From the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering:

Their newly developed SlothBot is built to study animals, plants and the overall environment below them by moving as little as possible. It inches along overhead cables only when necessary, charging itself with ...

Watch: #FightCovid19 robot enforces Singapore social distance rules with 360ยบ spy-cam


Singapore's Public Utilities Board is deploying a robot to encourage people wandering the outdoor parks of the densely populated Asian metropolis to social distance, and "stay safe, stay home".

The robot is named O-R3, and its task is to help Singapore curb the spread of Covid-19.

Oh yeah, it also ...

How To Train Your Robot, a free kids book by an engineer and his 10-year-old daughter

My buddy Ken Goldberg, a UC Berkeley professor of robotics, his 10-year-old daughter Blooma, and science communicator Ashley Chase wrote a delightful children's book called How to Train Your Robot! Illustrated by Dave Clegg, the story, about a fourth grade robotics club, is a fun and understandable introduction to how deep learning can ...