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Crazy video of fireworks shooting from car as it’s speeding down highway

On Friday night, someone driving on a Saskatoon, Canada highway was sure having a blast. Watch the CTV News video above.

According to the newscaster, "Saskatoon police have not confirmed whether they are investigating." At least they haven't confirmed that they aren't investigating.

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Pet dinosaur does not count as passenger in the HOV lane

As the world gets weirder, so do the faux passengers that unscrupulous drivers employ to gain access the HOV lane. Washington State Patrol officer Rick Johnson pulled over a speeding driver and discovered that the gentleman's only passenger was a stuffed dinosaur. Fortunately, the dinosaur was wearing a safety belt.

According to a UPI ...

Florida men play Uno in the road during a red light

In a prank commenting on bad traffic in Cape Coral, Florida, Paxten Sester and his buddies passed time during a long red light by playing Uno in the middle of the road. Dylan Kjos caught the minute-long gag on video for TikTok and its since gone viral.

"(After a minute,) we rushed back into the truck, ...

Police: No, a corpse doesn’t count toward the HOV lane passenger minimum

On Monday, Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Travis Smaka pulled over a minivan in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane because nobody else was visible inside except for the driver. Turns out, the driver works for a funeral home and was transporting a body. From the Reno Gazette Journal:

"He immediately tells me he's got the remains ...

Watch: How traffic light programming helps manage congestion

From Practical Engineering:

Traffic management in dense urban areas is an extremely complex problem with a host of conflicting goals and challenges. One of the most fundamental of those challenges happens at an intersection, where multiple streams of traffic - including vehicles, bikes and pedestrians - need to safely, and with any luck, efficiently, cross each ...

Police bust big ***** in the HOV lane

Mesa, Arizona police busted a man for driving in the HOV lane with a ***** as his passenger.

"Another one Busted! Don't let this be you.... A driver was cited for HOV lane violation along the SR 202 at Alma School, for having a ***** masquerade as a passenger," tweeted the Department of Public Safety.

You'd ...

Anthropometric Characteristics of a Cyclist

08.20.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

The physiology of a road cyclist is measured in various levels- on leveled terrain, uphill and downhill roads. A cyclist's anthropometric characteristics contribute to his or her performance. BM determines uphill cycling performance while FA affects the individual performance on a terrain. (Swain et al. 1987). The morphological characteristics differ from person to person. Here ...

Enhance Your Self Esteem Today – Try Miami Car Rentals!

08.10.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

If you are going to Miami, that is a really good choice you have made. It surely is a lovely place - you get some gorgeous scenery, you are sure to marvel at the buildings, and of course - the warmth of the people is an added bonus. A car is the best way to ...