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Restoration project: 1919 mechanical fan returned to full glory

This is a seriously impressive mechanical restoration project.

IMGURian @gerleatherberman did a full restoration of an antique fan they say is a Westinghouse from 1919. Absolutely incredible.

Here are some wonderful shots of the inner workings and outer details.

And... ta-daaa....

Here's a front angle shot after restoration.

Go check out the entire gallery.

Commodore PET 4032 vintage computer restoration project before and after photos

Here's a pretty incredible vintage computer restoration project from IMGURian and classic computing aficionado Skottyboy. The finished product is amazing, so's the crusty old “before” snapshot!

You could say it was this guy's “PET Project.”

“PETs are not super common as they were an early personal computer mostly used by schools,” says

The thinnest piece of paper in the world

Japanese specialist paper manufacturer Hidaka Washi Ltd makes the world's thinnest paper using 1,000-year-old methods.

The paper is then sent to museums and libraries around the world—including the British Museum and the Library of Congress—and is used to restore and protect books and works of art.

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Incredibly satisfying video depicting the meticulous, miraculous restoration of a ruined vintage Hot Wheels car BaremetalHW's narrated timelapse of his restoration of a completely trashed Hot Wheels 1971 "Bye-Focal" car is fantastically satisfying: watching him bang out the dings, zinc coat, polish, paint, decorate ... ...

Professional Photo Retouching Service

03.07.2012 · Posted in Graphics Articles

Retouching makes any photo look better than it did before. Even photos that did not appear to need it look strikingly better with only minor adjustments in brightness and contrast. Photo retouching normally means "amending" or "modifying." Before digital photography, retouching could only be done by select professionals. They would shine controlled light on photos ...

The Process of Carpet Water Damage Restoration in Overland Park KS

02.23.2012 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is how to get through during the flood and after the flood has passed. Naturally, people want to be able to salvage as many items as they can and try to maintain order within their homes. ...