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How The Aller-7 Formula Prevents Seasonal Allergies

04.04.2009 · Posted in Health Care Articles

Aller-7 is generally tolerated well by the system and does not cause harmful side effects such as bleeding, drowsiness, nervousness, headache, and fatigue, which are fairly abundant among many leading medical formulas. ...

Snoring surgery

07.19.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

More than 40 million people snore at night. Snoring is the inability to breathe by nose and breathing through the mouth instead. It is also caused by reduced airways in the throat that cause structures in the nose throat and mouth to vibrate. Snoring can be caused by physical conditions such as enlarged tonsils or ...

Partner snoring

07.18.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

It can be irritating and frustrating when a partner snores, either in a high or low tone. Both partners can have trouble sleeping. Snoring is becoming a major health issue today. However with proper diagnosis and treatments you can help for partner to stop snoring and put a stop to the disruptive noise and get ...