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Perfect breakfast burrito in 8 simple steps

Wow. Breakfast burritos are WAY better when working and cooking from home.

Now I am hungry.

So THIS is how you make a perfect breakfast burrito.

The technique is not something that ever would have occurred to me, but now it seems so obvious. This looks so much more delicious than anything I've ever grabbed from a ...

Ina Garten is totally fine and has the perfect quarantine cocktail recipe

04.01.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Ina Garten has the perfect quarantine cocktail because basically it's a whole mess of *****.  She posted a video of her cosmo recipe to Instagram on Wednesday and, frankly, it's delightful, even if The Barefoot Contessa... isn't exactly her norm... ...

Watch Alton Brown spruce up saltine crackers as a coronavirus isolation recipe

03.30.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Alton Brown wants to help you get through coronavirus isolation without eating bland food.  The longtime Food Network host has been posting easy, pantry-focused recipes to his YouTube channel that'll help you eat well as you isolate during t... ...

Here’s a simple recipe for making Japanese style fluffy pancakes

A while back I posted about the kind of fluffy pancakes you can get in Japan and how one guy said he makes them in a rice cooker. I still haven't tried it yet, but here's a simple recipe that I'd like to try from Kitchn:

Here’s how to make it at home: All ...

Lettuce tell you this smart tip for a better burger

A simple but effective tip for a better burger, from Boing Boing buddy Gareth Brawnyn's excellent "Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales" e-newsletter:

Here’s a life-thing that you need to know about, especially before this weekend’s cookouts. How often do you get a restaurant burger, or grill one yourself, and before you’re finished horking it down, ...

Why the ’15-minute recipe’ sets you up to fail

01.21.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

Like any good millennial, I like to pretend that I prefer cooking to takeout. I love to tell myself that I cook quickly and well. When my day in the spotlight finally arrives and I'm interviewed for a Refinery29 "Money Diary," the whole world will se... ...

Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving Turkey

Do you like Flaming Hot Cheetos? Well, heck. Why not enjoy a Flaming Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving turkey dinner with the whole family this year.

Reynolds Kitchens shared a "Hot Turkey in an Oven Bag" recipe online, where you basically roast your bird in a spicy cheezy puffy crispy coating.

All you have to do is crush ...