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Venice is flooded right now and it looks miserable

Rising tides and rain in Venice are flooding the city, and hotels are giving guests knee-high rubber boots so they can slosh their way from one tourist attraction to another.

From Yahoo News:

The high water, known locally as “acqua alta”, was amusing for tourists and a nuisance for residents going about their business, but levels ...

Refinishing my waxed-cotton raincoats

I am a huge fan of using this brush to spread Otter wax all over my favorite raincoats.

As temperatures drop its time to get ready for the wet. It has certainly already arrived elsewhere. One of my two waxed-cotton coats was leaking last winter. The sleeve started to absorb water instead of beading.

Heating ...

Hurricane Florence could dump 17 trillion gallons of rain. Yeah, you read that right.

09.13.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Hurricane Florence is slowly but surely moving toward landfall along the East Coast. While its winds have decreased, making the storm a Category 2, it's still an incredibly powerful and dangerous storm with extreme rains expected to fall over the cou... ...

Learning Weather Wise Gardening

09.30.2009 · Posted in Gardening Articles

Learning to garden with signs of nature is all about being attentive to nature. Wether you are attentive to surrounding plants, animals or your own body, weather wise gardening is a very good way to achieve success in your gardening project. Learn more about this method of gardening. ...

Children rain gear

07.27.2009 · Posted in Clothing Articles

When it comes to rain, everyone thinks that it is romantic. But when it comes to standing in the rain, everyone runs from it. You can keep your children safe from the weather with the children rain gear that can be found at the PluiePluie shop over the internet. ...