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Tech CEO in racist restaurant rant

In this footage, tech CEO Michael Lofthouse shouts racial abuse at diners in a restaurant in Carmel Valley, California: “You need to leave! ******* Asian *************!”

Lofthouse, CEO of San Francisco cloud computing company Solid8, was immediately kicked out of the restaurant by staff. The video, apparently shot by someone in the group he ...

SUV plows into BLM protest in NYC’s Times Square, similar potentially deadly attacks happening around U.S.

“#BreakingNews an SUV just plowed through protesters on 42nd street in #manhattan Still assessing injuries if any. More on ⁦@NY1⁩ #blacklivesmatter #nycprotest more on ⁦@NY1⁩,” tweeted NY1 news reporter Ruschell Boone [@RuschellBoone] at 10:19pm New York Time.

#BreakingNews an SUV just plowed through protesters on 42nd street in #manhattan ...

The US Department of Justice was originally created to tackle white supremacy

Americanism has a weird obsession with vague notions of "law and order." At its core, there's nothing unique about a society whose existence depends on a collective respect for its own internal rule system — indeed, that's basically just a society. But those who buy the narrative of Good Ol' American Jingoism love to toss around ...

Racist professor fired

British historian David Starkey was fired today from one appointment and resigned from several others after remarking that the existence of "so many **** Blacks" showed that slavery was not a form of genocide. Canterbury Christ Church University immediately gave him the sack, while Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge said it "accepted the resignation of ...

As Texas’s Lt. Governor rants about Dr. Fauci, Fox News plays montage of minorities in face masks

Watch the b-roll in this Fox News clip and note who they show wearing

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) July 1, 2020

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is prominent among Republicans angry about people wearing face masks to prevent the transmission of coronavirus during the Covid-19 pandemic. He dislikes it almost ...

Trump tweets 14 white supremacist words

“This is a battle to save the Heritage, History, and Greatness of our Country! #MAGA2020” —Donald J. Trump, on June 30, 2020.

Donald Trump just tweeted a 14 word message that echoes the popular white supremacist slogan known as The 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

Facebook says they removed 220 ‘Boogaloo’ groups and 95 Instagram accounts

Weeks after feds said 'Boogaloo' group members used Facebook to plan the ****** of a federal agent, Facebook says they have removed 220 Facebook Groups and 95 Instagram accounts associated with the extremist movement.

Facebook says 400 additional 'Boogaloo' related groups advocating armed violence that were tangentially associated with the movement would be taken down, too.

"Today ...