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How to Mac for QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online

10.19.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Several months ago Intuit, the manufacture of QuickBooks, released a new version of QuickBooks Online that runs with the Safari web browser. This new version of QuickBooks presents a multiuser alternative for existing users of QuickBooks in a Mac environment, as well as future users of QuickBooks for Mac. It is now possible for Mac ...

3 Important QuickBooks Online Add-Ons that You May Need to Run Your Business

09.24.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

This article will discuss three QuickBooks Online Add-ons, that you should consider prior to purchasing QuickBooks Online. These add-ons may be important in running your business. This article will inform you of some additional expenses that otherwise may not be clear to you prior to buying QuickBooks Online. ...