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Bus converted into mobile art gallery

“Not your average bus conversion.”

You can say that again, liveartbus.

“Been slowly building my dream for years and it’s finally getting close to being a reality.”

This walkthrough video is stupendous. How is it that this bus seems so spacious inside?

Not your average bus conversion

[via IMGUR] Read the rest


Awesome ‘Dark Souls’ game-inspired embroidery project

Seriously impressive game-inspired stitching project right here.

Says IMGURian ExaltedFemShep:

14" Original Dark Souls Embroidery.”

“Took me approximately 60 hours.”

“Made it for my husband.”

All I can say is I'm amazed that this took only 60 hours!

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram as @thebabytitanembroidery, lots of inspiring and fun work.

This robot tuna could become a swimming surveillance system

Do androids dream of electric sashimi? University of Virginia engineers and Harvard biologists built a robotic fish based on the high-performance swimming of tuna. Above, a visualization of the robot's motion data. Eventually, the Tunabot could be outfitted with a variety of sensors and wireless communication. From UVAToday:

The aim of (mechanical engineering professor Hilary) ...

Scholar finds John Milton’s copy of Shakespeare, marked up with corrections and improvements

University of Cambridge lecturer Jason Scott-Warren was looking at an original 1623 folio copy of Shakespeare's plays, when thought he recognized the handwriting in the margins: John Milton.

Was it possible that he'd identified Milton's personal copy of Shakespeare? It was jammed full of marginalia, and scholars for years had wondered who had written those ...

Twitter bans more psyops accounts: China, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Ecuador

Twitter announced on Friday it has suspended still more nation-state controlled accounts for conducting information operations. The latest batch of banned psyops accounts originated in China, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Ecuador.

From the Twitter official blog:

Disclosing new data to our archive of information operations

Friday, 20 September 2019 In October 2018, we disclosed the first ...

Woman burning love letters sets apartment on fire

A woman in Lincoln, Nebraska was burning love letters from her ex when she fell asleep. She was woken by the smoke alarms with her apartment on fire. Insert joke here about hot love affairs, burning passion, etc. From UPI:

Police said there were no injuries, but the fire caused about $4,000 worth of damage...

The ...

Colt “suspends production” of AR-15 rifles for consumers

Armalite created the AR-15, sold the rights to Colt in the fifties, and the design long ago emerged from patent and became widely-copied. The AR-15 itself will no longer be made for consumers by Colt, it says. It says they're just not that popular among consumers and the company needs to focus on institutional ...

Interview with Rare Blues Collector John Tefteller, who bought at $37,100 record

John Tefteller is a well-known rare blues record collector. In 2013, Tefteller purchased “Alcohol and Jake Blues” by Tommy Johnson (1930), a very rare blues 78 rpm record, on eBay for $37,100.

Tommy Johnson made five records for the Paramount label in 1929 and 1930. Johnson, unrelated to bluesman Robert Johnson, was a little known ...

What killed Adrian Lamo?

Adrian Lamo is most famous for turning U.S. Army intelligence analyst and whistleblower Chelsea Manning in to the authorities, but was already well-known among hackers and journalists because of his *********** of The New York Times' source database, subsequent conviction for the hack, and his sparkling personality. He died mysteriously last year in what ...