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Police stop Tyrannosaurus rex on street violating coronavirus lockdown

Police in Murcia, Spain caught a Tyrannosaurus rex violating a coronavirus lockdown. The cops were kind enough to let the dinosaur off with a warning. From CBR:

On the first released video, filmed by a neighbor, the T-Rex wannabe is clearly taking out the garbage. In the second video, however, it seems as if the ...

Police: No more calling 911 when you run out of toilet paper

In Oregon, the Newport Police Department posted a message on Facebook (pasted below) urging citizens not to dial 911 when they run out of toilet paper. The reason they posted this is because, yes, people have been calling 911 after running out of toilet paper.

image: GorillaSushi (CC BY-SA 2.0) Read the ...

Chigaco cops under investigation after shooting man in train station

Two Chigaco police officers are under investigation after a bystander filmed them twice shooting an apparently unarmed man who was resisting arrest. The man, according to Chicago P.D., was being arrested for "moving between two train cars, a city ordinance violation".

The video shows police struggling with the man for several minutes before he breaks ...

Los Angeles police capture suspect driving stolen SUV hearse with body inside

Last night, someone stole a Lincoln Navigator hearse with a body inside. The police search just ended this morning with a high-speed pursuit on the 110 freeway that ended in the Lincoln Navigator crashing. They apprehended the suspect and the body was still inside the vehicle.

According to CBS Local, the SUV "was ...

No jail time for cop convicted of ****

A Texas police officer convicted of **** was sentenced to 10 years probation by a jury, reports The El Paso Times. He will serve 0 days in prison.

It was an emotional day in court, as the woman cried as she testified about the impact the incident has had on her life, while Alexander ...

Gentleman arrested for calling police to help find his missing hoodie… 25 times

In Cincinnati, Harves Gardner, 32, was arrested after allegedly calling police 25 times asking for help finding his lost hoodie. From

“When police arrived (the) defendant only wanted rides around town to find his hoodie that he lost," officers reported.

Police said Gardner was highly intoxicated and officers told him to go back to bed, ...

Tempe, Arizona police have caught ***** Man

Is ***** Man a hero or menace to Arizona?

— Charles Rahrig (@c_rahrig) January 20, 2020

Police have captured the culprit behind the "***** Man" graffiti tags that, er, popped up in several dozen spots across Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona over the last two months. (News report from December ...

Police accidentally auction off car with big stash of drugs hidden in its bumper

In Thailand, police auctioned off a Honda CRV that had been seized in a drug bust. The buyer spent 586,00 baht (US$19,000) on the vehicle. Later, a mechanic discovered a secret compartment behind the bumper that contained nearly 100,000 amphetamine pills. From the BBC News:

Officials said they would conduct more thorough searches in future.

"According ...

Chicago PD’s predictive policing tool has been shut down after 8 years of catastrophically bad results

In 2012, Chicago PD collaborated with the RAND Corporation and the Illinois Institute of Technology to automatically generate "risk scores" for people they arrested, which were supposed to predict the likelihood that the person would be a "party to violence" in the future (this program was called "TRAP" -- Targeted Repeat-Offender Apprehension Program" -- seemingly ...

Cop investigating burglary stun guns his K9 after dog bites cow

Everybody hurts. No crime was solved.

In the otherwise normal town of Georgetown, South Carolina, a sheriff’s deputy who was investigating a burglary ended up using a stun gun on his own K9 after the police working dog bit a cow, which then charged at both the property owner and the deputy, reports the sheriff’s office.

Still ...