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Which PS4 games should I know about?

As the next generation of game consoles get ready to roll out, a good friend has opted to give me the long-term use of his PS4.

I am so totally stoked.

During a rough financial patch, a few years back, I had to sell mine in order to keep the heat on and put food on our ...

Destiny 2 goes free to play and gains cross-saving on all platforms

Bungie aims to fortify the popular but flagging Destiny 2 with an expanded free-to-play plan and universal cross-platform saving, the company announced today. It's an interesting and player-friendly evolution of the "games as a service" model, and other companies should take note. ...

Apple supporting Xbox and PS4 controllers is a bigger deal than you think

06.03.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Two of the most widely owned video game controllers on the planet will soon play nice with Apple products, starting (and presumably not ending) with Apple TV. Support for Microsoft's Xbox One controller and Sony's DualShock 4 controller will be added... ...