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Family finds pepperoni ******** on their Little Caesars pizza

Jason Laska stopped at a Little Caesars to grab a pre-made "Hot-N-Ready" pizza for his family. When he got home, he and his wife discovered a (reverse) ******** made from pepperoni on the pie.

Laska told CNN he tried to call the story but the number was constantly busy so he posted to social ...

Chuck E. Cheese has filed for bankrupty

CEC Entertainment, owners of Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza, has filed for bankruptcy. The company reported $29 million in losses for 2019. From Reuters:

Chuck E. Cheese’s bid to boost sales through delivery apps under the name “Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings” earlier this year only created more problems, as many customers thought they ...

Large iguana found in freezer of pizza restaurant in Florida

This is not something iguana see when I'm at a pizza restaurant.

An 80-pound iguana was found in a chest freezer at Pizza Mambo on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach by inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation on June 18, reports the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Yes, some people eat iguanas, and they ...

Ikea makes pizza table that looks like the little plastic table inside pizza boxes

Ad agency Ogilvy Hong Kong teamed up with Ikea and Pizza Hut to create a life-size table, the Säva, that looks just like the little plastic "tables" inside pizza boxes. (Those little tables are officially called "pizza savers.") From Hypebeast:

Each table arrives in a humorous package that resembles a pizza box and, like ...

A brilliant visual illustration of Pi using pizzas and crust

Pi Day is coming up this Saturday. To celebrate, here's a cool little demo of 3.14 using four pizzas and one circumference of crust.

With Pi Day just around the corner, let’s remember what Pi is all about.

After washing your hands thoroughly, cut the crust off a pizza pie and lay ...

Irish people have a very strange understanding of “pizza”

I've been a fan of Blindboy Boatclub since I first discovered "Horse Outside," his hit(?) song with the Rubberbandits (and later, by complete happenstance, ended up staying at the same hotel that's featured in the video). His podcast consistently delivers a random, rambling ménage à trois of weird knowledge, cultural connections, empathy, and ...

Why you should almost always order one large pizza instead of two mediums

Many pizza places offer special "deals" if you order two medium pies. You might think that two mediums deliver more cheesy goodness than one large pie, but usually you'd be mistaken. From Primer, a mathematical comparison of two 12" pizzas and one 18" pizza:

Area of two 12” pizzas:

12/2 = 6 6×6=36 ...

Glovo is opening a tech hub in Poland after gobbling a local food delivery rival

Barcelona-based on-demand delivery startup Glovo is beefing up its engineering capacity by opening a second tech hub, its first in Poland — with an initial plan to hire 40 additional engineers and have a total of 50 tech and product experts working predominantly out of its Warsaw office. Glovo says it expects the Polish engineering ...

Honey whole wheat sourdough pizza dough

Last night I made honey whole wheat sourdough pizza crust. It was quite good.

As a kid, there was a pizza place in my hometown that made a deep-dish pizza with a whole wheat crust. It was great, I tried and I couldn't replicate it. Then I substituted honey instead of sugar.

This simple crust is good.

Honey ...