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Data leak exposes surveillance at Russia’s top telecommunications firm

Documents on an unprotected, network-connected drive owned by an employee of Nokia shed light on the inner workings of Russia's networked surveillance system known as SORM (Russian: COPM).

SORM (COPM) is an acronym for the government's “system for operative investigative activities,” The network was first developed in 1995 as a way for the Federal Security ...

Candy Chemistry. You know, for kids!

This Candy Chemistry set is a great way to learn about candy with your kid, in the kitchen. Do not, however, leave your kid alone with this Candy Chemistry set.

Learn all about candy, and temperature control, in your own kitchen. This kit comes with almost everything you'll need to make quite a few delicious ...

A few great video game soundtracks

Any list of great video game soundtrack list that does not include THPS is bunk. Tony Hawk is measurably one of the coolest people to ever walk the Earth and this soundtrack wins.

Halo and the Gregorian chant thing. Chills. Halo 3 might be better, tho.

Space Harrier. Meant to be played at a motion-enhanced sit-down machine.

If ...

I’ve been diving off the Conception many times

I am heartbroken. Every story I read about the loss of Truth Aquatic's Conception leaves me crying.

I've been diving with Truth Aquatics since I was certified in the late 90s. When I was young they were the Cadillac of California's Live-Aboard fleet. My dive buddy, Bill, and I used to sit around debating if ...

Here’s what happens when you touch a wild monkey

The large primate could not resist touching the little primate.  The little primate didn't want to be touched by the large primate, and showed its displeasure by scratching the large primate.

Let me just touch this monkey to see what happens

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Pharmaceutical mix-up results in 17 very hairy Spanish children

I am hopeful that time will cure the 17 children mistakenly dosed with hair loss treatment.

El País:

An internal error at the pharmaceutical company Farma-Química Sur is the cause of a hypertrichosis outbreak that has so far affected 17 babies in Spain, sources from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) has told ...

Molly of Denali has a pretty great dog

I like Suki, Molly of Denali's pet dog.

Molly and her dog Suki, an Alaskan Malamute, live in the fictional town of Qyah, Alaska. Molly of Denali is the first US children's show to feature a Native American lead character, the titular Molly. Every indigenous character is voiced by an indigenous actor. Alaska Native and ...

Shocking: Trump campaign official insists President Trump has never lied

It is all the fake media, she says.

"No. I don't believe the President has lied."Trump campaign national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tells @ChrisCuomo President Trump has never lied to the country.

— Cuomo Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime) August 29, 2019

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