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Cat lullaby

The world can be a loud, scary, chaotic place. You may need this.

Haburu and their owner are delightful. This video, “Meowsage,” was first published on Apr 27, 2019.

It's making the viral rounds again this week, and any time is a great time to discover Haburu anyway.

They're on Facebook and YouTube.

My hands were ...

Here’s what happens when you touch a wild monkey

The large primate could not resist touching the little primate.  The little primate didn't want to be touched by the large primate, and showed its displeasure by scratching the large primate.

Let me just touch this monkey to see what happens

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Cat tries a lick of ice cream for the first time

Look at this cute kitty getting a little taste of ice cream on a spoon from her human. Not an every day thing, but it's okay as a fancy once-in-a-while.

“This is Hallie,” says IMGURian DOWNVOTEALLEMOJIS, who adopted her.

“Named because we found her abandoned on a Halliburton well site in the dead of ...

Puppy, 4 weeks old, makes cutest sound in the world

The sound this tiny little 4-week-old “pound puppy” makes when he's smacking his toof-less gums around that soaked kibble? It gives me all the squees in the world. Look at that little dude just go.

That chubby little belly!

Those crusty li'l paws!


Little Mowgli is 4 weeks old, can smack on some soaked kibble, ...