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A **** good 25-cent mechanical pencil

Carla ordered these cheap Bic mechanical pencils. I tried one out and I actually like it a lot. The lead diameter is 0.9 mm and it has a number 2 lead inside. It also contains one extra lead in the barrel. A 24-pack sells for about $.25 a pencil. They are supposed to be ...

Here are a few different way to use pencils to the very end

Design website Core77 has an article about different ways to use a wooden pencil to the very end. First, though, take a look at this parsimonious person's pencil, which represents the cheapest and arguably easiest way to extend the life of a pencil:


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A post ...

Hand-making 1,000 pencils from pallet wood

Pallet wood pencils. Genius!

What an incredible project the JackmanWorks guy took on, and look at the glorious stacks of pencils that came out of it all.

How fun would it be to draw with one of these?

More about the project here from JackmanWorks:

Pencils, so many pencils... Do people even use pencils anymore? I ...

Great deal on 36 pack of Crayola colored pencils

I keep a pack of Crayola colored pencils in my bag.

This is a good deal the 36 pack for about the price of the 10. I keep a pack in my travel carry-on, incase I am overcome by the urge to sketch something.

My ability to draw anything is very limited, but not by the ...

Painting In Oils First Essentials

01.25.2012 · Posted in Arts And Entertainment Article

SummaryrnThe purpose of the following is to present a helpful discussion of what a newcomer to painting in oils will require. It considers the place of sketching as a requirement. It looks at tools associated with this. It also considers some useful books and books and other equipment ...

What To Do Before Starting To Paint In Oils

01.25.2012 · Posted in Arts And Entertainment Article

In this article I consider probably the most important single factor in starting to paint: that of first learning to draw. It also considers the importance of colour and suggests some books which might be found very useful. ...

I Love Colored Pencils

02.20.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

When I was a little kid, making colored pencil drawings was one of my favorite activities. I loved to draw with crayons as well, but they were not quite the same to me. You see, crayons tend to be too waxy and imprecise. It is hard to get a good tip on them and when ...

Get More Results From Promotional Products

07.22.2007 · Posted in Advertising Articles

Promotional items range from market-proven goods such as T-Shirts, Pens and Planners to innovative items such as Soap Films, Stress Relievers, Pill Boxes, Medical Spoons, CD/DVD Cases, Lunch Bags and Car Plates, all bearing your logo and company information. ...