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Save up to 40% on gaming laptops, PCs, and accessories at Amazon

03.26.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

The focus of gamers around the world is fixed upon Season 1 of Apex Legends. If you want any hope to unlock the best loot and be the last team standing in your next match, you need premium gear to beat the competition — even if you get stuck wi... ...

Dell is running deals on Alienware laptops and desktops — save more than $700 with this code

03.14.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

PC gaming can be an intimidating hobby to get into. It’s extremely competitive, and the PC space is home to some of the most talented players and Twitch streamers in the world. But you can’t let that stop you, because you too can “g... ...

10 video games we can’t wait for in 2019

12.27.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

The whole of 2019 may not be looking so hot coming off the disastrous year that was/is 2018, but at least there's video games to distract us from everything else. We dusted off our telescopes and looked over the video games we expect to see in 2019, ... ...

Amazon is having a huge sale on PC devices: Shop deals on Asus, LG, Lenovo, and more

12.05.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Amazon's 12 Days of Deals is nearly halfway through, with today top-notch sale featuring some pretty **** decent savings on PC laptops for business and gaming, monitors, desktops, Wi-Fi routers, and more. Brands like LG, Acer, and Lenovo all have sla... ...

Dell gaming deals: Save 20% on AKRacing chairs, $60 on HyperX keyboards and mouse pad combos, plus more through Sept. 6

08.30.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

When it comes to decking out your gaming setup, a computer is just one part of the equation. Sure, a powerful rig will always be at the core, but there's so much more to it. For example, if you enjoy MOBAs like League of Legends, you'll need a keyboa... ...

Up your game: 7 of the best gaming laptops to make you ‘PC Master Race’

08.20.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

PC gamers take pride in the nickname "PC master race." These are the folks who delight in the fact that PC gaming is just so much better than playing on a console, and if this Reddit thread is any indication, this way of thinking isn't going away any... ...