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Social Media and Youth with Intellectual Disabilities

01.26.2012 · Posted in Parenting Articles

Internet access and social media websites can be fun and educational, and can really broaden horizons for young people with intellectual disabilities. However, to ensure their safety, parents should be asking some questions and using the answers to set rules and boundaries around access to and use of social media websites. ...

Assist your Youngster Kick the Thumb ******* Habit

11.30.2011 · Posted in Health Care Articles

Thumb ******* is a concern many parents have. Toddlers **** their thumbs as a result of it is comforting and calming. It is probably something they did earlier than they were born and revert again to it when they're nervous, agitated, scared or ill. They could additionally use it to lull themselves again to ...

Protect your Child’s Emotional Nicely-Being

11.28.2011 · Posted in Transportation Articles

In our effort to steadiness very full and hectic lives with our households and our jobs, we may have been neglecting an all-important facet of our child's life: their emotional nicely-being. The first three years of a child's life is a vital time for a kid, and the trauma of adjusting baby care ...

Actively Listening to your son

11.28.2011 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

Speaking with our youngsters generally is a tough job at times. We really feel like they don't seem to be listening to us; they feel like we're not listening to them. Good listening and communications abilities are important to profitable parenting. Your child's emotions, views and opinions have worth, and you need ...

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Child’s Safety

11.01.2011 · Posted in Family Articles

As any mum or dad knows, keeping their little one safe is a basic obligation of parenthood, and danger is available in many forms. Activities and items that seem innocent and safe can, when showed to the curiosity and resourcefulness of a young youngster, turn into risky to dangerous. Mother and father know ...

Four Ways For New Moms To Ease The Stress Of That First Day Of Day Care

10.09.2011 · Posted in Family Articles

Taking your children to daycare for the first time is usually a very tough task for both the dad and mom and the child. Throw in the day care teachers and you've got a real mess. Comply with these tricks to make the 1st day go easier for everybody involved. ...