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Why Choose a Paralegal Degree?

06.26.2009 · Posted in Career Articles

Do you think you would like to get a college degree in the field of law but think you dont have the time or money to complete a program? Well, think again. You can get a highly respected paralegal degree online while holding down your current job and taking care of your family. Also, ...

The Paralegal’s Average Workday

04.26.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

One of the most interesting facts about becoming a paralegal is that one work day is never like another. There are always different tasks to perform, different information to deal with, different people with whom to interact. This fact alone makes working in the paralegal field a very appealing prospect, for a paralegal's ...

A Summary of Divorce in Arizona

10.18.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The state of Arizona is what is called a "no fault" divorce state, meaning an individual is not required to show cause when getting a divorce. (With the exception of something called a "covenant marriage," which this article will not cover.) In Arizona, one party from the marriage only has to allege that their marriage ...

Want To Become A Paralegal – Here’s How!

08.01.2007 · Posted in Legal Articles

How you can be a Paralegal: The only way out to appear as a Paralegal is to get registered with the paralegal institutions. A Paralegal degree or certificate or diploma is sufficient to work as a legal advisor. Being a Paralegal, you are able to support the lawyers in their official work or simply you ...