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Incredible no-glue toilet paper roll model of buckminsterfullerene

Once you run out of toilet paper–and you will–make sure you keep the empty rolls so you can try making fantastic molecular models! Physicist and 3D software engineer Ricky Reusser flattened and linked the cardboard tubes into models of buckminsterfullerene and carbon nanotubes! He's even written a software simulator so you can keep making these ...

Tiny Paper Shopping Bags, Nested Adorably

Oh yes.

“I woke up this morning with an inexplicable and powerful need to make a tiny paper bag,” says IMGURian @thejeshire.


I did not question this Quest From The Beyond, I merely performed the task which I was assigned, with much enthusiasm.

Behold: T I N Y B A G

I'm pleased as punch ...

Baby Yoda in his floating bassinet paper toy

Although you won't find any official toys of "the Child" from Disney's The Mandalorian in stores yet, you can decorate your tree with this authorized papercraft version of Baby Yoda in his floating bassinet. All you need is scissors, glue, and a healthy amount of some patience to get all the fiddly bits ...

Paper sculptures of microorganisms

Rogan Brown creates intricate paper sculptures inspired by microorganisms:

When looking at, for example, microbes and trying to imagine the vast colony of bacteria that lives in and on our bodies the range of factual visual representation available is relatively limited so I have to use my imagination to scale everything up and create ...

Spectacular, robotic cardboard sculptures

Greg Olijnyk works as a 2D graphic designer, but his hobby is creating unbelievably wonderful 3D science fictional cardboard sculptures that sport motors and lights that animate them (some use photovoltaic cells for power, too).

He told Colossal's Laura Staugaitis: "every piece has the limitations and advantages of the cardboard material in mind, how ...

This guy’s mechanized paper sculptures are pretty incredible

“I like to design complex paper sculptures by combining mechanisms,” says Paul DeGraaf.

They're absolutely amazing! A playable electronic keyboard!

Here's a couple of wonderful IMGUR galleries where Paul showcases his absolutely beautiful mechanized papercraft sculptures: Part One, and Two.

From Paul:

I like to work with paper and create mechanisms that are complex. It’s lots of ...

A pull-out bed made of accordioning paper

Pro Idee's £369 Paper Bed is made of folds of rigid paper that collapse to a narrow sliver and then expand to 200cm length when needed; the materials are lightweight (total weight, 14.5k) and it can support up to 300kg, and the manufacturer claims it's comfortable, albeit with the addition of a foam pad. ...