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Tokyo records highest number of new coronavirus cases in a single day

Pressure for lockdown in Japan is building, as Tokyo recorded the most coronavirus cases in a single day.

Japan’s capital recorded more than 70 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, its highest total in a single day yet. Japan's prime minister is under increasing pressure to order a lockdown.

NEW: Pressure builds for a ...

FEMA sends refrigerator trucks to NYC for coronavirus patients

FEMA is sending refrigerator trucks to New York, where the mobile containers will serve as temporary mortuaries for deceased coronavirus patients.

Mayor Bill De Blasio says the city is preparing for a “horrible increase in the number of deaths.”

FEMA’s regional chief was asked whether Madison Square Garden would be converted into ...

Why are there so many stock photos of people kissing while wearing face masks?

03.27.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

So, you're facing a global pandemic and deep in the midst of the Democratic presidential primaries. The concert you bought tickets for months ago got canceled, you’re worried about your parents, trying to ration your toilet paper supply, runnin... ...

Clearstep’s COVID-19 chat-based screener goes in-depth to preserve healthcare resources

There are a growing number of symptom checker and screening tools that you can use at home if you suspect you might have contracted the new coronavirus that is causing the global COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these are relatively simple, including around three or four questions that basically cover the top reported symptoms experienced by ...

Grocery store throws away $35K of food after woman playfully coughs on it

A woman thought it would be good fun to enter a Pennsylvania grocery store and cough on produce, meat, and other fresh food. As a result, the store threw all the food (worth $35,000) she came in contact with away.

From NBC News:

[Gerrity's supermarket co-owner Joe] Fasula said his staff "did the best they could ...

Mexicans want crackdown on coronavirus-carrying American border crossers

My, how the tables have turned.

Many Americans are relocating from their homes to far-flung places to escape the coronavirus outbreak.

This, public health officials tell us, only worsens the outbreak -- they can carry the virus without any symptoms.

A growing number of people in Mexico want their government to ***** down on the reportedly ...

If coronavirus restrictions end prematurely, ‘President Trump will have blood on his hands,’ public health expert says

“You can’t just come in and say let’s close up the USA,” Trump said, again falsely stating coronavirus is no worse than flu. ...

Dad transforms cat-carrier into pod to protect baby from coronavirus, design inspired by ‘Death Stranding’ game

This dad in China created a 'baby pod' suit to protect his child from coronavirus. His ingenious DIY design was reportedly based on the action game "Death Stranding."

Cao Junjie, who is 30 and lives in Shanghai with wife and baby, used a cat carrier to make the sealable pod that includes an air-quality monitor that ...