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Choosing Your Online Business Model

Small Business Online Money In the last post on starting a small online business I talked about the importance of choosing exactly what you will be providing: product, service, or content. Each one of these routes will have a different strategy behind it to be successful. Before we start, I would like to give a ...

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Instant Sales System

02.23.2012 · Posted in Marketing - Internet - Article

Have you ever wondered why so many OTHERS enjoy tremendous prosperity and abundance while most don't? The question is you enjoying your share of financial success? rnDo you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, you just can't seem to get where you want? Have you noticed how many companies continue to lay ...

Deal With Your Store with Latest X-Cart Templates in Store Manager for X-Cart

01.11.2012 · Posted in Software Articles

If you are searching for anything that could enhance your X-Cart shop and make it more attractive, X-Cart Templates are definitely what you require. To manage your store with any of those templates you will need to have Store Manager for X-Cart that has a lot of alternatives to help you with your shop administration. ...

Make Your Hard Work into Excitement with Store Manager for X-Cart

01.07.2012 · Posted in Software Articles

Store Manager for X-Cart is a program created to perform all the tedious tasks relating to management of your X-Cart store and save your time and effort. There exists a variety of options which will help you to manage your product, customer and order information. ...

osCommerce Product Import – the Easiest Way to Import Your Product Items

01.07.2012 · Posted in Software Articles

To increase the labour performance and save time a operator could install osCommerce Automated Product Import addon. It minimizes data duplication and extremely reduces time spent on the entry as well as modify of all the data needed. You can import the data daily, week by week or maybe on a monthly basis. ...