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Can you figure out what number comes next?

Take a look at the sequence. What number comes next? The answer is a no brainer – once you know the answer, that is.

Neil Sloane, founder of the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, starts explaining the answer at :22, so pause before then if you need more time to figure it out.

Extra footage ...

Are You Searching For Excitement When Playing the Euromillions Lotto? Euromillions started on Fri February 13th 2004 and is in all likelihood the Most Thrilling Lottery World-wide!

05.19.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Residents of European Union looking for fun, fun and more fun can play this lotto game! EuroMillions is splendid entertainment and so easy to participate in: It Is so simple to participate and all that is required, is to choose 5 main lottery numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Star numbers starting from ...


12.25.2008 · Posted in Gaming Articles

Bingo is a very popular game in the United Kingdom, as well as in other places in the world. The popularity of the game led to the establishment of the National Bingo Game. ...