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George Floyd killing: Derek Chauvin charges elevated to 2nd degree ******, and 3 more Minneapolis officers charged

• Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison increased the charge against Derek Chauvin, and charged Thomas Lane, J. Kueng and Tou Thao with aiding and abetting second-degree ****** in the death of George Floyd.

On Wednesday, three additional Minneapolis police officers were charged in the killing of George Floyd, and charges against Derek Chauvin were elevated to ...

News: Ford’s Mach-E: Selling Car Buyers on Going Electric

05.29.2020 · Posted in Vehicles Articles

I attended a compelling online presentation by Mark Kaufman, global director, electrification, from Ford this week in which he outlined the plans the company has for its EVs going forward, with an emphasis on the exciting new Mustang, which will be sold alongside its gas-powered coupe stable mates. ...

Trump targets individual Twitter employee with threats, on Twitter

Donald Trump is threatening a Twitter employee, on Twitter, just after Jack Dorsey tweeted to leave his employees out of this. The drama continues.

Here's the tweet.

Quite a twofer. Disinformation about a civic event, voting, and also using the power of the presidency to harness mob wrath against a single employee of a platform ...

COVID-19 grows in Los Angeles’s poorer communities

The LA Times has observed that COVID-19 infection rates are falling in wealthier enclaves while gaining traction in poorer communities.

Denser living conditions, higher populations of 'essential' workers, and historic difficulty accessing health care force folks in a position to be infected.

LA Times:

The Times compared neighborhoods in which more than 25% of the population ...

‘I will never lie to you,’ Trump’s new Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany lies [VIDEO]

“I will never lie to you. You have my word on that.”

Trump toady Kayleigh McEnany said this to Associated Press reporter Jill Colvin, during McEnany's first press briefing as press secretary on Friday

Seems legit.

McEnany also said that impeached President Donald Trump has never lied to the American people, which is of course another lie.

Clip ...

He tweeted once at Trump, then got $69 Million from New York for ventilators that were never delivered

“The Silicon Valley engineer, who had no background in medical supplies but was recommended by the White House, never delivered the ventilators.”

So much shadiness going on during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report by Rosalind Adams and Ken Bensinger of BuzzFeed News on what seems to be a massive coronavirus medical equipment scam is ...