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Ponyhenge is a place where toy rocking horses go to die

Or live on, depending on who you talk to.

Ponyhenge started when a toy rocking horse was discarded in a field. It had been part of a headless horseman decoration from a nearby, shuttered haunted house. Soon, other toy horses joined it, lined up in a circle.

The herd mysteriously multiplies, moves around, and gets ...

Red Sox Release Brad Penny

08.28.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Tim Wakefield looked great in his return to the Sox, and Billy Wagner is now a member of the Boston team as well. These are valuable additions to Boston's pitching staff, and they've really bolstered the team's ability in the department. Boston also released Brad Penny too. ...

Flashback 2001: A New Era Begins

08.26.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

It was a streaky season indeed for the New England Patriots. Having lost a home game to New York and then having lost the team's star player, Drew Bledsoe, things were looking bad for the Pats. The Colts were looking better than ever before, but the Patriots somehow destroyed them by a score of 44 ...

The Bruins Saga

08.21.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Today we're going to rewind to 1990, almost 20 years ago (wow, it's been long!). I was a high school student and the Boston Bruins had made the Stanley Cup finals. The entire school followed every minute of every game, and was exhausted on the day I'm speaking of. This is because the Bruins had ...

Remembering the 1996 Patriots NFL Season

08.19.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

This ensemble included future dynasty members such as Tedy Bruschi, Adam Vinatieri, Ted Johnson, Ty Law, Willie McGinest, and Troy Brown. Being a season ticket holder since 1994, I grew up with these players. I saw their careers develop right before my eyes at my bench seats in Foxboro stadium and the future Gillette Stadium. ...

Brady Finally Returns to Action

08.18.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

It seems like an eternity, but the day is finally here. Tom Brady has returned to action for the Patriots, finally putting to rest his horrible injury that sidelined him for all of 2008. I remember being there exactly when it happened. ...

Sox and Nationals Reverse Roles

08.13.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Entering last week, things looked good for the Red Sox. Just 2 1/2 games behind the Yankees and awaiting a weekend series at Yankee Stadium, the Sox had a chance to close in on the Yankees, and perhaps even take the lead on them. The team was 8-0 against the Yankees in 2009, so things ...